Thames River cruise murder mystery
“The theatrical murder mystery team were absolutely brilliant and everyone really tried hard to get the right answer and when we got back to the hotel they were still debating it all for an hour!
Our whole conference has been a massive success and the dinner on the boat and murder mystery added to the success.”

Corporate team day & dinner

I just wanted to say thank you very much for such an entertaining afternoon and evening. The entire team had a fantastic time and it was certainly the topic of conversation in the office this morning, and I’m sure for many weeks to come.

Please pass our thanks over to the actors for an incredible performance and a very memorable evening.

Daytime team event

Everything went great from our viewpoint. Victory can be claimed by the comment from an older member of my team – when first told of what we were planning to do he was apathetic and didn’t look forward to it. Relaxing in the lounge after the event he said if he saw anything like this come up again he’d definitely go to it! And the fact we were still debating the case the next day means everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

Murder mystery dinner

Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant night! The actors were brilliant and so welcoming. They kept the party moving throughout the evening and worked fantastically as a team. They all really complimented each other. They were great at audience participation and it was a night to remember.

Hen Night

I just wanted to say we had the best time at the event night and the Bride to be loved it!
Everything from the staff and food was amazing!! Thanks Sarah.

Canal boat murder mystery

Feedback from Murder Mystery on board a Bath Canal boat:
A good time was had by all, I hope we weren’t too lively. I have received quite a few e-mails from people saying this was the best Christmas party they had been on!
Many thanks for your help and please pass on my thanks to all the actors.

Our guest driven one man show
A great bunch of folk who really got into it. There were false handlebar moustaches, monocles, spanners, newspapers with letterbox-holes cut in them... they threw themselves at it. It was a pure joy. 
Another one man show

It went really well! Lots of "Ooh this is juicy!" and "There's a lot more to this than I thought!" type comments.

They really got into it, and I think I navigated between being in-role and yet facilitating the meal times well.


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