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Katchakilla are proud to name Rowan's Hospice as their charity for 2014

Katchakilla were recently featured in Sky Atlantic documentary 'The Guest Wing'.


Murder Mystery 2014

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 Why a Murder Mystery? 

  •  Wide appealpublic murder mystery
  •  Fun 
  •  Can be themed or customized.
  •  Versatile: Corporate, parties,   product  launches, hen nights, birthdays, team  building, Clubs and organisations and more.
  • Hugely popular on television, film and literature. Just about all guests will be familiar with crime solving.
Why Katchakilla?
  •  Producing 1st class events throughout the UK & Europe for 20 years.
  •  Teams and event managers for any area of the UK.
  •  Fun & intriguing
  • Professional Actors
  • Professional Scripts
  •  Complete with suspects, forensic clues, detective notes and prize certificates.
  • Costumed performers
  •  Themes: Modern day, Medieval, Gangsters, 1920/30's, 007, Moulin Rouge, 1940's, 1960/70's, Pirates and many more. 
  • Costumes available to hire.
  • Upgrade to 'goodie bags' including Tee shirts, mugs, pens & table gifts.
  •  Public liability insurance
What happens on a Katchakilla dinner or evening.

A team of professional actors will meet and greet you and your guests for pre-dinner drinks in character. (They will remain in character for the full duration of the event).

During this time you will need to keep your wits about you and listen out for any incriminating conversations or actions. You and your guests will then go into dinner. Once your guests are settled the crime begins to unfold. 

The lead character will then announce how the investigations will run. Physical clues are uncovered such as maps of the scene of the crime, incriminating letters, secret codes and Pathology reports.

You will be invited to identify and interrogate the suspects during the course of the dinner. This is where a lot of the fun happens: All the suspects are entertaining, even if they appear surly or bundles of fun or completely bizarre, remember they are a suspect.

Around coffee time you will be asked to name the suspect you believe to be the killer. There will then be a 'reveal' as the killer is unmasked. Prize certificates are awarded for the best and silliest conclusions.

Duration is around three hours with little disruption to food service.

21 years and over 3000 productions to date! 

Reviews of Katchakilla:

I would like to say on behalf of our department at IBM thank you for a great night last Thursday, we all enjoyed ourselves very much and had a great time. Most of us suffered on Friday and it was not a productive day in the office which is often a good sign of a great night out, So again a great big thanks to all the hard work you all put in. IBM

Just to let you know that our company had a great time last Friday and would appreciate it if you could pass our thanks to the actors who made it such an enjoyable evening!  Oasis recruitment group.

Just  wanted to say thank you all so much for a great night out on Saturday. Your actresses were fantastic and the whole evening was very enjoyable. Thanks again. Groupama

Thames river cruiser event for 200 people: “The theatrical team were absolutely brilliant and everyone really tried hard to get the right answer and when we got back to the hotel they were still debating it all for an hour! Our whole conference has been a massive success and the dinner on the boat and murder mystery added to the success.”

Murder mystery dinner Hampshire, Murder mystery Dorset, Sussex, Surrey, London and more.

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