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Murder mystery dinners, weekends, team building. London and the whole of the UK. If you have any questions please call 01489 505220

Celebrating 25 years of Murder and Mystery. 

Latest Public murder mystery Portsmouth dates:

December Xmas murder mystery Fort Purbrook Portsmouth 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th,15th and 16th. Other dates by arrangement. All inclusive £48.


New venue and dates: Spitbank Fort in the Solent off the coast of Portsmouth and Southsea. Murder mystery at a unique location.

The Square Tower Portsmouth. A marvellous medieval building. Suitable for groups of 30 plus or you may join a public event as they become available.

Fort Widley Portsmouth available all year round for groups of 20 plus All inclusive £48 per head includes 3 course meal and all drinks for the evening unlimited. Fun and entertaining. Something different for the Xmas party this year?

Xmas 2017 murder mystery at Titchfield Hampshire. Complete with 1930’s Police car for meet and greet All inclusive £48 per head includes 3 course meal and all drinks for the evening unlimited. Fun and entertaining. Classic murder mystery setting.

Other locations: Anywhere nationwide!  Call us with your requirements: 01489 505220     feel free to text your inquiry  07961 741080 Call or text


Fort Widley Portsmouth all inclusive £48. Dinner & ALL DRINKS included.

Murder Mystery 2017

Why a Murder Mystery? 


  •  Wide appeal.
  •  Fun
  •  Can be themed or customized.
  •  Versatile: Corporate, parties,   product  launches, hen nights, birthdays, team  building, Clubs and organisations and more.
  • Hugely popular on television, film and literature. Just about all guests will be familiar with crime solving.

Why Katchakilla?

  •  Producing 1st class events throughout the UK & Europe for 25 years.
  •  Teams and event managers for any area of the UK.
  •  Fun & intriguing
  • Professional Actors
  • Professional Scripts
  •  Complete with suspects, forensic clues, detective notes and prize certificates.
  • Costumed performers
  •  Themes: Modern day, Medieval, Gangsters, 1920/30’s, 007, Moulin Rouge, 1940’s, 1960/70’s, Pirates and many more.
  • Costumes available to hire.
  •  Upgrade to ‘goodie bags’ including Tee shirts, mugs, pens & table gifts.
  •  Public liability insurance

What happens on a Katchakilla murder mystery dinner or evening.

A team of professional actors will meet and greet you and your guests for pre-dinner drinks in character. (They will remain in character for the full duration of the event).

During this time you will need to keep your wits about you and listen out for any incriminating conversations or actions. You and your guests will then go into dinner. Once your guests are settled the crime begins to unfold.

The lead character will then announce how the investigations will run. Physical clues are uncovered such as maps of the scene of the crime, incriminating letters, secret codes and Pathology reports.

You will be invited to identify and interrogate the suspects during the course of the dinner. This is where a lot of the fun happens: All the suspects are entertaining, even if they appear surly or bundles of fun or completely bizarre, remember they are a suspect.

Around coffee time you will be asked to name the suspect you believe to be the killer. There will then be a ‘reveal’ as the killer is unmasked. Prize certificates are awarded for the best and silliest conclusions.

Duration is around three hours with little disruption to food service.

More than 25 years and over 3000 productions to date!

The world of intrigue and mystery.

The whole genre of murder mystery has held a fascination with the public for many years. Probably the most famous real life case was that of ‘Jack the Ripper’ credited as the first serial killer. The exploits of Sherlock Holmes in the world of fiction became the pioneering private detective in print during the late Victorian and Edwardian era.

In the UK the ‘golden era’ of crime writing in 1930’s produced fantastic writers including Dorothy L Sayers, Margery Allingham and of course Agatha Christie. These writers created the classic world of eccentric characters. The crusty Military Majors,  sleuthing Vicars, dubious adventurers, bright young things and a full range of amateur investigators and the official Police.

For other team building events go to  If you require a vintage car for your event try . If you require props for your event or gifts try for latest news for the Solent area.

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