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A team building murder mystery is great fun events with a real purpose.  Typically your team are put into ‘Murder squads’. They will interrogate suspects, review forensic and other evidence and search the scene of the crime. Duration can be from a few hours, half day or full day.

All team building murder mysteries are customized to each client. Team building can be set in a time period if required. Anything from Medieval to modern day. Although modern day does seem to be the most popular. Customer feedback from these events are always excellent.

Group sizes from 10 to hundreds. Recent clients include: The Royal Ballet School, NHS and Estee Lauder.

Team building murder mystery dinner.

This event is held around a meal and has a more relaxed pace. Great as a staff reward, ice breaker or thank you at the end of a conference event.

Murder Squad Team building

Available as full or half days. Your team form murder squads to find the killer. Includes Forensic clues, Finger tip search of the scene of the crime complete with police tape etc, question suspects and more.

Murder mystery treasure hunt.

In this version your teams track down the suspects from clues given. Interrogate the suspects and meet back at your chosen venue for the reveal. These can be held at many locations. Cities or towns, countryside or the grounds of a large house or hotel.

‘Midsomer murders’ type event.

Totally immersive murder mystery.  This is held within a small village and suspects may be anywhere. Even working in the local shops or pubs. An incident room is set up and you may review evidence, arrest suspects and ‘bring them in for questioning’. Always interesting as your team will need to differentiate between the actors playing the suspects and the general public!  Best as a full day event.



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