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Do you have a potential murder mystery venue? We are actively seeking venues to work in partnership with us. If you have a suitable venue please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are several ways to do this.

  • We can recommend your venue to our clients who are looking for venue suggestions.
  • You can book us for a public ticket sales event.
  • Add us to your portfolio of services that you offer to your clients.
  • Murder mystery weekends. Either one evening as a part of a weekend or a full weekend event.

Murder mystery is a particular favourite as a Xmas party idea. We have several Xmas themed plots available.

Other popular murder mystery holiday seasons are Valentines night, Halloween, St Georges day & November 5th.

We can supply publicity materials which can be used on site to promote the events. A package of a ‘standee’ and flyers to promote events all year.

Murder mystery venues we have worked with include hotels, restaurants, river cruises, castles, stately homes, historic locations, libraries, museums and galleries.

Murder mystery has never been so popular, in the public mind. Countless television adaptations of crime novels. The continued success of Midsomer Murders, Death in paradise, Broadchurch, DCI Banks demonstrate the huge popularity of the genre.

Our surveys have shown that although many people are aware of the concept of murder mystery dinners and weekends, a great deal have not actually attended one. The reply to the question ‘Would you like to attend one?’ The overwhelming answer is Yes! The next question is inevitably ‘Where can I go to one?’

A very lucrative and regular revenue stream can be generated once your venue is known as a murder mystery location. Why not contact us to find out how we can work together? Call us on 01489 505220. Ask for Anne on the partner venues team.

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