Murder Mystery London

Murder mystery London jack ripper

Murder mystery London

London is a fabulous location for murder mystery events.

There are fantastic historic locations in the city, and some of the finest hotels in the world.

Have a look at these unusual venues: Thames river cruises.  Cabinet war rooms. Spooky operating theatre – great for Jack the Ripper.

Your murder mystery can have a contemporary modern day setting or be themed from Medieval times, 1920’s gangsters, chic Agatha Christie style, wartime 1940’s intrigue and many more. These are perfect for team rewards, Christmas dinners and team nights out. Our events can be tailored to your exact needs. In over 25 years we have the experience to make your event go with a bang!

We are able to host our murder mystery events at any location you choose. including Murder mystery in London Hotels and famous landmarks.
Typically your murder mystery will have a fine cast of experienced professional actors who will lead (and mislead!) you through a fun but absorbing plot.
These events Suitable for groups 8 to hundreds of guests.

We have several formats available:

A traditional Murder Mystery dinner is suitable for team building, and special occasions. The duration of the event is approximately 3 hours and can be with a meal of any sort.

Murder mystery Daytime team building. Murder Squad style event – These are  hugely successful as it has such a wide appeal. Even the less than enthusiastic at the start are hooked in the end. These events can last between 4 and 6 hours and tailored to your team..

Murder mystery treasure hunt.Track down the suspects across London and bring the killer to justice!

Plots can be customized to your particular event as required. Just supply us with your information and we will work it into the plot or clues as far as possible.

Would you like to involve your guests more and have some of your guests to play a small part? (not a suspect). We can allow for up to ten characters at a nominal fee.

We are able to provide Murder mystery events for private or corporate clients from as little as £750.

Contact for your Murder Mystery London.