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Our murder mystery dinner events are great fun and suitable for just about any occasion. You will be entertained by a cast of professional actors who will play the suspects and your guests are the detectives.

We over 23 years experience producing murder mystery dinners. The product that we provide today is the finely honed product of those years of experience. We have learned that above all flexibility is paramount. You can be assured that when you book Katchakilla : Pronounced catch a killer you are booking the best. While you want to have a fun and laughter filled event, it is still vital to have a good coherent and fascinating plot to follow. You will be intrigued and entranced by the characters within the murder mystery plot.

We can also give a few of your guests cameo roles if requested. However these cameo roles never change the actual plot and these cameo characters are not direct suspects.

We can also lightly customize the plot to reflect your event free of charge. Perhaps mentioning the special guests name or including photographs in clues. All you need to do is send over the information a few weeks prior to the event.

Typically the murder mystery will be around 3 hours duration, although this can be amended to your needs.

Two standard versions are available. A four actor version where the lead investigator is also a suspect and a five actor version where there is a separate lead investigator, Police, or detective. Versions with many more suspects are available for large events.

On the night of your murder mystery dinner:

Usually the suspects will mix and mingle with the guests at pre dinner drinks. Always be on the lookout for suspicious characters who may not be what they seem! The deadly deed is announced.

The Police or lead investigator will take over and the murder investigations will begin. Investigations will take place throughout dinner and between courses. Your guests will interrogate the suspects and examine the various paper clues as they are introduced. These can be forensic reports, witness statements, secret codes and maps.

Near the end of the dinner you will be invited to accuse a suspect, giving the name of the accused and their motive.

The lead investigator will give a review of each suspects potential motives and then the big Reveal!

Prize certificates are awarded for those who guessed correctly and for the person giving the silliest conclusion.


These can be held at any location, hotels, restaurants, castles, river cruisers or even your own home.

Suitabe for:



Hen Nights

Wedding receptions

Corporate murder mystery dinner

Celebrations of any kind

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